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Connecting the Dots: How the strengths of an artist apply to the 21st century job search

Submitted by Kris Bain on May 27, 2015 - 5:42pm
Dance's Senior Seminar
Dance's Senior Seminar

Graduates from the UW Dance department pursue careers in arts leadership, non-profits, teaching, medicine, movement therapy, and more. Since many students double or even triple major, Dance alumni enter the job market with a unique breadth of experience and a high level of self-awareness honed through years of coaching on personal reflection and giving and receiving feedback. Faculty also focus on cultivating creative problem solving, critical thinking, and a fearless willingness to try new things. Dance majors can then bring these attitudes to their job search, which gets a jump-start in the Dance 480 Senior Seminar.

Dance's Senior Seminar (PDF)