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body- space - time Residency: Call for Proposals for 2023-24

October 15, 2023 - 11:50pm
Meany Hall Studios
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    body space time residency

For local independent dance artists and companies. 

Residency Date Choices (select 1):

  1. December 16 – 23, 2023
  2. March 16 - 23, 2024
  3. Ten days between August 18 and September 6, 2024

What is bst?

bst is a residency designed to support local dance artists by offering the gift of space and time during the UW Department of Dance “off” times, when formal classes are not in session. bst offers the opportunity to experiment, make “mistakes”, revise ideas, and remain focused on the creative process without the pressure that accompanies commissioned works or performance deadlines. We have large, beautiful studios, including one where shoes can be worn, and tap is permitted. We prefer you use your own Bluetooth sound system but we can provide our sound system if necessary. We seek to support dance artists in the making of new work and in the exploration of original ideas that may or may not culminate in a performance or methodology. We support innovative ideas while nurturing the vibrant Seattle dance community. Artists at all stages of their careers may apply.

We will be selecting two applicants for December, two for spring and one for summer.

Studios will be available from 9:00AM – 9:00PM. If you are chosen, we will ask you to develop a set schedule of your studio usage so we can monitor access to the space and the building. For your safety and building security you will be asked to comply with our standard security precautions and maintenance procedures.

What bst is not:

We are not offering people classroom space or teaching space. Your use of the studios should generate no revenue. This is meant for individual artists and companies to develop ideas.

How to Apply: 

Submit application with subject line: “bst Residency” to Jennifer Salk at

Artists applications are read and ranked by a panel of three members of the Seattle dance community. 

Deadline: Extended to October 15, 2023

Direct questions to Jennifer Salk at

Application Process for bst Residency

  1. Briefly describe how you anticipate utilizing this opportunity.

350 word maximum please.

Be concise and clear as you describe your proposed bst Residency time. Understandably, your specific methods and goals may change. We’re interested in learning about the specific project you have in mind, but also how you hope the experience will advance or deepen your practice as a dance artist. Why would this intensive experience be especially beneficial to you at this time? Keep in mind that panelists may not know your work; clarity and brevity about what distinguishes you as an artist can help your application serve as a compelling introduction.

Our first bst Residency recipient, Dayna Hanson, offers this advice:

  • Allow plenty of time for your proposal; don’t put it together at the last minute. 
  • Begin your draft with a “brain dump,” listing all the thoughts and ideas you want to include in your application. Highlight the most important ones. Step away for a day or two; when you return to this list, choose your most important ideas and organize your proposal around them.
  • Find a reader to review your application before you submit. This may be someone who knows you but isn’t familiar with your dance work, someone who can give you an outside perspective on what you’ve written.
  1. Please attach your résumé to your application and include a link or links to samples of your work.

When you save your final draft and attach it, save it as follows: “lastnamebstresidency”

Application Review Process:

A panel consisting of artists/arts administrators/advocates in the Seattle community read and score the applications based on set criteria. Faculty review their decisions and look at corresponding needs of the applicants to create our final recipients.

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