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Alumni Panel: Unexpected Career Trajectories 

May 24, 2022 - 6:15pm
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Wondering what dance majors do after graduation? Dance students are invited to attend this panel with alumni who will share stories and insights about their career trajectories after earning a BA with a major in dance at the UW. 


Hannah Moujing (BA ‘18 Dance and Psychology)
Cheryl Delostrinos (BA ‘13 Dance)
Tameka Lampkin (BA ’11 Dance)
David Schleiffers (BA ’10 Dance) 

Open to all UW students, but pre-registration is required.

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David Schleiffers

David Schleiffers

David Schleiffers received his BA from the University of Washington in 2010 with a major in dance.  He has performed with The Village Theatre, Hope Mohr Dance Company, Oakland Ballet Theater, RAWdance and countless other independent projects.  He has presented his choreography at the Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards, Chop Shop, and The Men in Dance Festival. While living in San Francisco from 2011-2014, David studied at ODC Dance Commons and was selected for the prestigious Pilot Program twice.  In 2015, David’s career shifted into the realm of female celebrity impersonation (notably performing Cher and Celine Dion) after entering a performance competition at Julia’s on Broadway in Capitol Hill. This sparked his interest in costume design and David made a living as a freelance costume designer/drag queen until COVID19 hit in 2020.  Having been particularly involved with charity fundraising over the years, David shifted his goals to make a broader impact in the queer community and is currently a second-year law student at Willamette College of Law in Salem, OR.  Additionally, David was a licensed massage therapist for years after graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2011. He also completed the STOTT Pilates Instructor Training at Body Center Studio in 2015.  

Hannah Moujing

Hannah MoujingUpon graduation in 2018, Hannah Moujing returned to Malaysia. In her first year, she worked with local counselors to diversify different mental health workshops using dance and theatre, while volunteering at psychiatric hospitals to provide movement practices to schizophrenic patients with mild symptoms. As there were few platforms to perform experimental work, she was inspired to found Work In Progress Kota Kinabalu, a collective to nurture performing artists, offering them a safe space to explore, showcase and network. 

Hannah then pursued the opportunity to serve the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) in 2019 as a Grant Executive to assist the funding support for the Malaysian Performing Arts Scene. After two-and-a-half years and as the country slowly recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, she made the decision to quit her 9-5 and move to a local surf village in the East Coast of Pennisular Malaysia to be closer to the waters—and to surf! Now in 2022, she manages a local resort by the beach, produces events and residencies, and work with all range of talents to bring the art to life. She is still teaching, practicing and performing, her latest work Sesi Tikar Mengkuang aims to integrate Malaysian cultural elements with mindfulness movement practices, all by using a woven straw mat. 

Tameka Lampkin

Tameka Lampkin graduated from the UW dance program in 2011. She went on to work closely with Splinter Dance Company for 10 years, a company dedicated to using dance and movement-theater in educational work including, but not limited to, confronting the issues of racism, sexism, violence, the needs of the poor, and the importance of unity in diversity. Her styles include: Hip hop, Modern, Swing, Salsa, Contemporary, and Jazz.  Tameka has taken roles in different industries in relation to her social justice values. Outside of her military experience, one of her most notable roles was as a Communications Assistant at the City of Seattle in the Arts and Culture office. Currently, she works at an educational technology company whose foundational value is to create more equitable digital curriculum programs for elementary and middle school students. Tameka lives in Columbus, OH with her cat and rabbit. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and partner exploring local activities, singing karaoke, and dancing. 

Cheryl Delostrinos

CherylCheryl Delostrinos  is a Filipino American dance artist born and raised in Seattle. She is a UW  Bachelor of Arts Graduate and was awarded the Evelyn Green Endowment for the Arts Scholarship for Artistic Merit and Promise. She  is one of the co-founders of Au Collective, a 7 year old movement based non-profit that centers Queer, Trans, Black, People of Color, Femme, Women artists at the forefront of their work with an emphasis on access to the arts. She is on the Equity & Inclusion Task Force at Coyote Central, supports the City of Seattle in their funding efforts for the Arts, and is in the 2022 BASE Cohort (Building Art Spaces Equitably) through the Cultural Space Agency.  She is a Teaching Artists, Mentor, and Facilitator for Arts based organizations all over the city. She  is the Development, Community Partnerships, and Events Person at Young Women Empowered and the owner/ developer for a new multi-purpose/ multi-use event space in South Park Seattle called El Rio Events. Cheryl is passionate about pouring resources into the communities she comes from and is committed to the redistribution of wealth  as a vital tool in our movement towards Collective Liberation.