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Zakkir "Zakk" Rahman

Class of 2020, Astronomy | Dance | Applied Physics
Zakk smiling with arms crossed


Majors in Astronomy, Dance, Physics: Applied Physics 

Zakkir “Zakk” Abdul Rahman is a dance scholar with a concentration of art sustainability development and New Media Theory and, an interdisciplinary artist who concentrates on movement, new media and technology, creating works that touch topic include humanity, emotions, culture and heritage. He soon will be receiving his B.A. with a major in Dance and B.S. in Astronomy and Physics: Applied Physics, double major from the University of Washington (UW) after Spring 2020. In his undergraduate experience, he received the University of Washington Mary Gates Research Scholarship and Media Production Scholars by UW’s C21, and served as an officer for Arts Diversity Council. Zakk has performed in the Chamber Dance Company, UW Dance Presents and UW MFA Dance Concert . He has had the honour of working with artists such as Margarita Bali, Alethea Alexander, Dani Tirrell, Ari Rudenko, and Hannah Wiley.

Favorite Moment at the Department of Dance

I was early for my rehearsal for Chamber Dance Company, and I saw a snippet of Storm by Daniel Charon. Two bodies were dancing inside Meany 266. I wept and stayed the rest of the rehearsal, observing the force and energy on that duet. The sense of embodiment made me stayed until today, in the dance program and further my interest in dance studies.

Future Plans

Gap year and graduate school in dance studies or performing arts.