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Piper Robertson

Class of 2021
Neuroscience | Dance
piper poses


What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

One of my favorite moments with the dance department was getting to participate in the most recent MFA dance concert process and work with my friends and teachers to create something representative of ourselves. It was so inspiring and enjoyable to dance together and navigate the world of zoom and film to develop our performance. I feel like it was a wonderful way to end my time at the UW dance department, giving me a chance to show what I've learned!

What plans or goals do you have post-graduation?

I will be teaching classes for all ages at Backstage Dance Studio, where I have worked and danced for the past several years. I will also be continuing a part-time job at a dessert shop in Bellevue (come visit me at Hui Lau Shan!). My goal is to continue learning about the overlap between the fields of neuroscience and dance in hopes that I can blend both together to be the best dance instructor I can be!