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Noah Lobkov

Class of 2021
Dance | Comparative History of Ideas
Diversity (minor)
Andy smiles in front of water by a danger sign


Noah Lobkov (he/him) is graduating with a degree in Comparative History of Ideas and Dance. Noah is a dance artist with an interest in spaces that encourage embodiment, connection and self expression. Noah is also a drag artist and has begun performing drag in October 2021.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

One of my favorite moments from my time with the Dance Department is performing in front of an audience for the first time with my dance partner and good friend Fernando in our Composition 1 class during the end of quarter showing. I had just decided at the beginning of that fall quarter that I wanted to pursue dance, and was really excited and thankful for the chance to create work and have it be viewed. I had never done that before! I am so grateful for my class’s, Fernando’s and my Professor Alia Swersky’s support and confidence in me.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation? 

Post-graduation, I plan to get lots of rest, spend time with friends, attempt to read the large stack of untouched books on my dresser, and continue dancing. I hope to explore dance spaces new to me in the Seattle area and get involved in those communities. I hope to explore the drag art scene and continue performing drag and dance! Finally, I hope to always continue learning about myself and how to be an engaged member of my community through mutual aid efforts and activism efforts in Seattle.