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Moses Pendleton

American dancer, choreographer and director
Moses Pendleton


The links between animal, plant and mineral––that’s what I’m most interested in exploring.
Moses Pendleton

Born Lyndonville, Vermont. March 28, 1949.
In the early 1970s Moses Pendleton was an English major and cross-country skier attending the (then) all male Dartmouth College. With two fellow students, a philosophy major and a pre-medical student, Pendleton took his first dance course. The three decided to choreograph a work for an end-of-year performance and they named it Pilobolus after a sun-loving fungus that frequently grows in barnyards, shooting its spores across enormous distances. After a popular series of local performances, Murray Louis arranged a New York premiere for the group. Their innovative architectural style, an exploration of physicality and physics, created an immediate sensation, and Pilobolus became the name of the company founded by Pendleton. Pendleton has since gone on to explore his singular vision by founding another company, Momix. His work, Bonsai, remains in Pilobolus’s repertoire.

Moses Pendleton's Works


Premiere Date 1979