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Mikaela Ebbeson

Expected Graduation: 2022
Dance | Environmental Studies
Mikaela Ebbeson in a blue sweater


Majors: Dance, Environmental Studies

What is your favorite thing about majoring in dance at the UW? 

My favorite thing about majoring in Dance at UW is the welcoming and encouraging environment! The students and the faculty are all so very kind and constantly encourage creativity, passion, and self-exploration no matter the skill set. 

What advice would you offer to students considering the dance major? 

To the students considering majoring in dance, I encourage you to attend all the auditions for shows and even try choreographing for the student-run shows if you enjoy creating! Being part of the performance community is so much fun and you can learn loads from your peers and choreographers about their artistic processes and about the different skill sets that are developed while majoring in dance.