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Kailey Moen

Class of 2023
Dance (BA) | Biology (BS)
Chemistry (minor)
Kailey Moen


Kailey Moen is receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Dance and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology both from the University of Washington.  She grew up in the Central Washington city of Yakima where she began her dance journey. After many years of pursuing ballet Kailey’s artistic goals widened to include other art forms. Through personal exploration and collaboration with peers, she has continued her journey of artistic expression through painting and dancing. By letting herself be influenced by the artwork of her own, colleagues, and peers she has many ideas for how this idea can continue to evolve and change through new projects and collaborations.

I have loved the community created within the dance department here at UW. Dancing with my peers everyday has been such a light in my life, and it is something that I will cherish forever.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

I will be taking a gap year before attending Physical Therapy school.