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Ieva Bračiulytė

Class of 2021
Environmental Studies (minor)
Comparative History of Ideas (minor)
Ieva holds her dog and smiles


 Ieva Bračiulytė doesn’t know what the future holds but her plans involve dancing, learning to sail, and fighting for a livable planet. During her time at UW, she served as an officer for both the UW Dance Student Association and UW Salsa Club. Her work has been showcased at the 2020 and 2021 Dance Majors Concert, on stage and on film. Ieva was the recipient of the Peeler-Horan Endowed Scholarship for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2019 and the Evelyn H. Green Endowed Scholarship in 2020. She has had the honor to work with artists such as Lucie Baker, Rachael Lincoln, Dani Tirrell, Majinn Mike O’Neal, Yebel Gallegos and Florian Alberge.

 What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

Any moment where I felt seen and allowed to just BE, without having to hide or leave parts of myself behind. I'm so grateful for the way teachers like Brian J Evans, Dani Tirrell, and Rachael Lincoln created spaces where I felt safe and compelled to dig deeper into my perceptions of self and way of moving in the world.