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Frances Herr

Class of 2022
Dance | Mathematics
Frances Herr


I have danced since the age of seven, primarily training in ballet until high school when I began exploring contemporary and modern techniques. Math has also been a life-long passion of mine, with each year in school heightening my hunger for the subject. When I came to UW, I knew that I wanted to pursue math as a career, but I didn't expect dance to be so hard to leave behind. After deciding to major in dance at the end of my sophomore year, I enjoyed the variety and balance my dance classes offered. Dance gave me space for introspection and self-discovery which is a precious gift on UW campus. I have loved exploring the connections between math and dance in both my choreographic work and my conception of mathematical ideas. I hope to continue integrating the lessons learned in the dance department into my career as a mathematician.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

During Dance Improvisation with Rachael in Winter 2020. I remember one class we went to Sylvan Grove and spend the whole class period "following our curiosities". We danced, ran, played games, and made sculptures out of flowers and leaves. It was delightful to have the freedom to be children again.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

In July I am moving to NYC to work at the National Museum of Mathematics. I will be there for one year as I develop my math communication skills through research and hands-on experience. After this position, I hope to attend a PhD program in mathematics and pursue research in topology, geometry, and/or combinatorics.