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Drew Callipare

Class of 2020
Dance | Psychology
Drew sitting on a fence with his arm resting on his knee


Majors in dance and psychology; minor in gender, women, and sexuality Studies (GWSS).

Drew is a graduating senior at the University of Washington. Originally from Grass Valley, California, he moved to Seattle to experience the cultural diversity and numerous opportunities present within the city. Drew loves singing and dancing and can be found performing in the dance department and with the UW RSO Unleashed! A Cappella.

Favorite Moment at the Department of Dance

 I have a lot of great memories from UW, but I think one of my favorites was my first spring on campus. It was a warm evening, and my friends and I were going to grab some food on the Ave. Before we went, we decided to take some pictures in the quad with the blooming cherry trees, and I just remember how peaceful and at home I felt. It was a really simple but beautiful experience.

Future Plans 

With all that is currently happening, I am not entirely sure where I am headed, but I do know that I am going to move forward to the best of my abilities. I'm going to try and stay connected to all the wonderful people I have met throughout my time at UW. Hopefully, I will find a job, continue to dance, and grow as a person!