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Aubra Heller

Class of 2020, Dance
Aubra Heller


Major in Dance, Minor in Education, Learning, and Societies

The experiences Aubra has had while studying Dance and Education at The University of Washington have shown her how important it is to continue learning in every area of her life.

Favorite Moment at the Department of Dance

Even though the end of my dancing experience at UW went differently than expected, I’m grateful that my last days were full of positive memories. I got to perform for friends surrounded by a cast of amazing women who made me feel supported. I remember feeling like, “Wow. This is how dance is supposed to make me feel.” 

Future Plans

I’m excited and a little freaked out about trying new things after graduation. I’m looking forward to going back to my teaching job but am also interested in teaching independently--hit me up if you want zoom knitting lessons : ) I know that dance will always be a part of my life and am loving how my relationship to it has grown recently. I guess my main plan is to keep growing.