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Anna Peters

Class of 2023
Dance | Biology (Physiology)
Anna Peters


Anna Peters has been dancing in the Seattle area since she was eight years old. She received her childhood training predominately in ballet and modern from Cornerstone Studio before venturing to the University of Washington. There, she explored a dance major, fine tuning her teaching skills, choreography, and dance technique. In addition to dance, Anna studied physiology and is hopeful to one day channel these two interests into being a physical therapist who specializes in dancers and other performing artists.

Anna teaches ballet and contemporary at Body Language Studio, primarily working with children ages six through high school. She loves to work with her students to develop the technique behind their passions and has collaborated with her fellow teachers to develop a ballet curriculum that extends from toddler’s creative movement through the pre-professional level. Anna has also completed The Pointe Shop’s Progressive Pointe Method and fits points shoes at Dancewear Center, working with young dancers and professionals alike to ensure that they have the best pointe shoes for their dancing.

Outside of the realm of dance and science, Anna enjoys other creative pursuits such as illustration, writing fiction, and reading too many fantasy books.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

Taking low-fly vertical dance!

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

I will be attending Eastern Washington University for physical therapy. I hope to continue dancing through PT school and beyond and to one day specialize as a physical therapist for dancers and other performing artists!