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Anna Lee

Class of 2021
Dance | Neuroscience
Anna lee shrugs and smiles with some hair blowing in her face


Majors: Neuroscience and Dance 

Anna Lee is a current senior studying neuroscience and dance. She has been spending the past four years exploring the sweet mixing of her two disciplines through both her honors research thesis and on-campus RSO's, such as UW Gray Matters. Anna hopes to become a leading physician in the future, who stays open-minded to alternative therapeutic approaches, such as dance movement therapy. She loves hiking, reading, and petting puppies in her spare time!

Joining the dance department was the best decision of my college career. Not only do I create with other passionate students, but I am also constantly challenged by different styles. Performing with my peers, whether it be during the Faculty Dance Concert or in Apex, are always highlights of my year. The department has provided me the foundation to engage in interdisciplinary work as I write articles about the neuroscience of dance and work with a local physical therapist to create dance movement therapies.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

One of my favorite moments in the dance department has been being able to perform with my African dance class in the Meany theater when I was a sophomore. Man, was that a blast. We had live drumming from Yaw, grounding choreography from Etienne, and beautiful costuming from Siri. Hollering on stage and looking at the vast sea of people was the adrenaline rush I missed after I stopped performing in college. I loved the camaraderie I felt between my friends beside me while dancing - those little glances of eye contact were all I needed to feel at home with my family on stage. I honestly could not have asked for a better and more exhilarating experience that got me back into performing with the dance department for the remaining years as an undergraduate!

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

Medical School!