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Ainsleigh Orwin

Class of 2021
Dance | Biology (Phsyiology)
Ainsleigh smiles


Before coming to the University of Washington, Ainsleigh Orwin danced for 13 years at Village Dance Arts in Claremont, CA. While at UW, Ainsleigh has expanded her love for dance by exploring improvisation and composition. She has also discovered a passion for teaching dance and will continue to teach at a local dance studio post-graduation. In the past four years, Ainsleigh has had the opportunity to become an officer of the Dance Student Association, choreograph for the 2020 Dance Majors Concert, teach dance in various settings on and off-campus, and dance in some of the many UW Dance Department concerts. Outside of the Department of Dance, Ainsleigh has spent her time singing in the UW Chorale and being an officer for Huskies for NARAL, a reproductive justice RSO.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

There are so many it's hard to pick just one. The most recent is the joy that I felt during the first modern class of spring quarter, when we first went into phase 3 of COVID and we could have 12 dancers in the studio. Dancing in a studio with more people than I had seen, let alone danced with, in a whole year was overwhelming and so gratifying. The energy in the room that day was electric, it reminded me once again why I love dancing so much.

What is your favorite thing about majoring in dance at the UW?

Most of the dance majors I know say this, but I love the community. I was worried as an incoming freshman about finding a community in such a huge school, but the dance program really feels like its own little world. I feel lucky that I always have a place here that makes me feel at home, especially because I'm from out of state.  

Why did you choose to major in dance?

I’ve danced for so much of my life and for a while I've known that I want to pursue a career in teaching dance. During my first visit to UW, I sat in on a ballet class and I immediately fell in love with the energy in the room. I think that visit actually made me decide to major in dance at UW before I had even officially decided to come to UW. 

What are your goals post-graduation?

I'm currently preparing to start teaching with American Dance Institute full time post-graduation. This summer I'll be teaching dance camps and classes to kids of all ages, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to do what I love every day. I hope to apply to UW's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program sometime in the next few years, and I also hope to get a puppy in the very near future!