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Dance Course Fees

Dance Course Fees

Course fees are charged for a variety of reasons in support of our teaching mission. In the Department of Dance, course fees are assessed and used for three general categories of expense. A course may, and often will, incur course fees associated with more than one category.

  1. Facilities & Equipment Maintenance: The Department of Dance is directly responsible for most of the cost to maintain instructional facilities and teaching equipment. Therefore, course fees are collected and used for routine maintenance, repair, and upgrades related to (for example) studio floors, mirrors, barres; locker rooms and lockers; lighting and sound systems; instruments; and durable classroom equipment that has a multi-use lifespace.
  2. Department of Dance Staff Musicians: Wages and related costs for department-employed musicians to play for a technique course on a regular basis.
  3. Ad Hoc Services & Supplies: Important services or materials that enhance the students’ learning experience including guest artist honoraria and non-durable supplies for in-class learning activities (art supplies, props & scenery, etc.). 

Please note that course fees may not be used to purchase personal apparel (dance shoes, dance clothes,  etc.), personal supplies (pencils, notebooks, personal care items, etc.), textbooks or computer software. 


Students who are registered in a course that includes a fee will be charged and billed for that fee in addition to normal tuition. Course fees are subject to the same billing and collection process as tuition and other campus fees. Students are strongly encouraged to check and confirm their course enrollment as early as possible every quarter in order to avoid unexpected fees or charges.

For more information, please refer to the office of Student Fiscal Services (SFS):