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Career and Internship Planning

Courses for career planning

We encourage undergraduate majors (and minors by permission of instructor) to consider taking our Dance 480: Career Explorations for Dance Majors during Winter Quarter. In this class, majors will explore their strengths and interests in real world career options. Assignments are geared toward organization and presentation of the knowledge and skills a student has gained while pursuing a major or minor in dance at the University of Washington. Course activities include: preparing specialized materials for job applications, internships and/or graduate school; creating a personal and/or artist website; understanding the process of grant applications; job shadowing; and, researching and formulating a strategy for pursuing goals. Guest speakers include UW alumni who have found employment in the fields of education, technical theater, physical therapy, company direction, stage management, fund raising and development, and performing.

We also encourage undergraduate majors who are interested in teaching dance to take Dance 494: Dance Teaching Methodologies. This course introduces students to dance pedagogy, including educational theory, motor learning and biomechanical principles and music as it relates to the teaching of dance. Students will have the opportunity to apply course material by practicing teaching dance both on campus and in the community. 


Participating in internships during your undergraduate education is an excellent way to gain experience, build a resume, and to find the job responsibilities and working environments that are going to be the right fit. If you have an off-campus internship opportunity working in dance or in other areas of interest it is very possible that you can receive credit under Dance 450 or under General Studies 350. Students can receive up to 6 credits of General Studies 350 per quarter and count a maximum of 18 of those credits toward the 180 needed for graduation. Internship opportunities specific to dance are sent out through the listserv and students are also encouraged to investigate and research additional options and areas of interest.

Dance 450 Internship Contract (PDF)

Additional Resources

The Career Center at the University of Washington offers a wide range of resources that can further enable and empower you to create the right path toward your ideal career. Services include resume writing, personality tests, interviewing skills, internship information, major exploration, job search strategies, reducing test anxiety, and information on graduate schools.