People - Faculty

Divisional Dean for the Arts, Professor , (206) 616-4744
20th Century, Ballet, Body, Dance, Film/Cinema, Visual Culture
Lecturer , (206) 543-4178 , Meany 255
Office Hours: On Leave
Choreography, Dance, Film/Cinema
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Fellow , (206) 616-0931 , Meany 260
Office Hours: Monday 1:00p-2:00p
Caribbean, Dance, Dance History, Dance Sport, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Latino/a Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Salsa
Lecturer , 206-221-1578 , Meany 255
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3:00p-4:00p
Choreography, Film/Cinema, Musical Theater, Performance Studies, Visual Arts
Lecturer, Staff Musician , MNY 261
Choreography, Composition, Dance, Music
Associate Professor and Dance Program Director, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor , (206) 543-5594 , Meany 258
Office Hours: Out of the office until August 2014
Body, Choreography, Composition, Dance, Dance History, Modern Dance, Technique
Professor , (206) 543-7536 , Meany 262
Office Hours: Wednesday 12:30p-1:30p
Anatomy and Biomechanics, Ballet, Choreography, Dance, Dance Pedagogy, Dance Reconstruction, Film/Cinema, Modern Dance

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone Office
Brunsvold, Megan Part Time Lecturer
Cinotto, Rhonda Part Time Lecturer
Curtis, Jeff Part Time Lecturer
Haim, Mark Lecturer
Monroe-Cook, Brenna Lecturer
Peters, Paula Part Time Lecturer Meany 255
Woody, Andrea Associate Professor
SAV M393