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The Dance Program at the University of Washington, housed in Meany Hall for the Performing Arts, offers a dance major, dance minor and a highly competitive and innovative M.F.A. program. The undergraduate program serves up to 40 dance majors, 90 minors, seven graduate students, and over 1,000 non-major students who enroll in dance courses each quarter.
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I caught up with Bessie Award-winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher Holley Farmer just outside UW’s campus, where the UW MFA alumna will soon premiere her solo, run down, a...
Beginning Winter 2015, the Dance Program has new requirements in place for all newly declared majors.  These changes reflect our increased commitment to diversity of dance idioms and styles, as well...
Danya Hanson, a choreographer, filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle has been awarded the inaugural bst residency by UW Dance. A 2012 recipient of Artist Trust’s Arts...

Upcoming Performances

Dance Majors Concert
Meany Studio Theatre // Mar 4 to Mar 8
Experience Contemporary Dance from a fresh and youthful perspective! Enjoy the exuberance as UW Dance Majors express their creative voices through every aspect of dance–from choreography to... Learn more»
Megan Brunsvold's "she and him", MFA Concert 2014
Meany Studio Theatre // May 13 to May 17
Treat yourself to a performance of original choreography created by our world-class MFA candidates.  Working with highly trained dance students, they demonstrate their professional expertise... Learn more»


Mar 04
Meany Studio Theatre // 206-543-4880 // Mar 4 to Mar 8
May 13
Meany Studio Theatre // Tickets: 206-543-4880 // May 13 to May 17