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Tentative Departmental Listing of Courses

Dance Course Offerings 2013-2014

Dance Course # Autumn 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017
Dance 166 Dance Comp 1 X    
Dance 234 World Dance and Culture      
Dance 239 Tango X    
Dance 240 Street and Club Styles X    
Dance 242 Music in Relation to Dance X X  
Dance 250 Cross Cultural Dance   X  
Dance 251 Creative Process     X
Dance 266 Dance Composition   X  
Dance 290 American Jazz Dance      
Dance 344 History      
Dance 345 History X    
Dance 350 Dance Ethnography      
Dance 366 Dance Composition 3     X
Dance 410 Chamber Dance      
Dance 414 Research Symposium      
Dance 415 Research Methods 1     X
Dance 420 Dance Aesthetics      
Dance 480 Senior Seminar   X  
Dance 490 Special Studies X   X
Dance 493 Anatomy of Dance X    
Dance 494 Dance Teaching Methodology   X  

This list of course offerings is subject to change but is intended to give students an idea of what the Dance Program is planning to offer over the course of the academic year.

Technique courses such as jazz, ballet, modern, tap and others are offered regularly and don't show up on this list.